Let the Fans tell theStory

Capture the essence of your event by using Afolio to aggregate all the event photos and videos from your fans in one visually engaging place.

Content fromEverywhere
One Place

Automatically unify all the content your fans are already sharing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in one single beautiful space. Moderate and curate the content, add your own, anytime during and after the event.

Curate Your Audience's Experience

Your fans love to share and see other people's content!

Let them fully immerse themselves in your event by providing a central place where they can participate in a truly rich media experience.

Call Your Fans to Action

Inspire your fans to participate. With Afolio, create photo contests, treasure hunts and many other activations directly from within your app and acquire user-generated content in real time, effortlessly.

Turn On Your Sponsors

With Afolio, offer your sponsors new ways to engage: interactive ads, links, videos, custom photo filters... there is no limit to their creativity. Sponsors will love you, and you will increase your advertising revenue!

Mobile... Your Way

Focus on creating unforgettable events and we'll activate your mobile audience for you. With Afolio, get a custom iOS and Android app for your event or integrate our prorietary sharing technology into your own platform.

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